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UCSF Medical Center

The Emergency Department at UCSF Medical Center provides care to patients with urgent medical conditions ranging from complex problems such as heart attacks and strokes to simple but pressing conditions such as cuts and broken bones. Care is provided 24 hours a day, serving more than 40,000 patients a year.

Our team includes board-certified emergency medicine specialists, nurses trained in emergency and critical care and other specialists who are called upon as needed in areas such as gynecology, neurology, obstetrics, orthopedics, pediatrics and surgery.

Emergency Medical Care for Children and Expecting Mothers

For infants, children and adolescents, see the Children's Emergency Department at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco. This emergency room is also available to expecting mothers.

Health Insurance

Dealing with health insurance and other benefits can be very confusing. If you have questions, please call your insurance representative to better understand how your policy works and what it covers.

Please bring your Medicare, Medi-Cal or insurance identification card to your visit at UCSF Medical Center. Your insurance may require prior authorization before seeing a UCSF doctor. If so, please ask your primary care doctor or insurance company to fax your authorization to the UCSF doctor's office and bring a copy to your appointment to ensure you aren't billed for services covered by your insurance. You may be called for insurance or authorization information before your appointment.

Your insurance may require an office co-payment . If so, you will be asked to make your co-payment in full at your visit. If your visit is not covered by a health plan or insurance, you will be asked to pay for your visit on arrival. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks and credit cards.

UCSF Medical Center contracts with many major health insurance companies and accepts several Medicare and Medi-Cal plans. A list of health insurance companies and Medicare and Medi-Cal programs that provide coverage for our services is available below.

Our hospitals and doctors do not contract with or participate in health insurance discount card programs . We do, however, accept payments made through health savings account (HSA) programs .

UCSF also can make financial arrangements for your coverage with health insurance companies that don't have contracts with UCSF, if the companies are willing to do so. If your health insurance company is not listed below, please ask your insurance company or your UCSF doctor to contact our Health Plan Strategy and Contracting office at (415) 353-9020 to discuss possible arrangements.

The following list includes the insurance companies that have contracts with UCSF as well as Medicare and Medi-Cal programs that are accepted here

As a patient of UCSF Medical Center or UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco, we submit a claim to your health insurance provider, including Medicare and Medi-Cal, and any secondary insurance before we bill you. If you owe a balance that was not covered by your insurance, or if you are a self-pay patient, you will receive a statement by mail.

UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco provide patients a consolidated statement (per guarantor) that includes liabilities for both hospital and professional services. Hospital services include room and board, fees for ancillary services such as diagnostic tests (e.g. x-rays, electrocardiograms (EKG), or laboratory) and pharmaceuticals. Professional services are those from the physicians who provided you care during your outpatient visit (e.g. primary care physician), hospital stay (e.g. surgeon, anesthesiologist, etc.) or from the physician who read and interpreted your test results (e.g. radiologist).

If you have a question regarding your statement, please call Patient Financial Services at (866) 433-4035. A sample statement is available here to help you better understand the look and content of your bill.

We're able to deliver on this promise by leading the world in a wide range of medical research, by training the next generation of caregivers and by delivering outstanding patient care at every opportunity.

This unique combination of missions allows us to employ not just the brightest, most well-respected health care professionals around, but also, some of the most compassionate and attentive.

It's also the basis of our partnerships with community hospitals and affiliations with neighborhood physicians, which enable you to get the care you need from a doctor you trust in places and times convenient to you.

And while we offer specialized care and personalized approaches to the most serious of health challenges, we're also committed to promoting wellness and preventive care to keep you healthy. By actively serving both ends of this spectrum, we have a deep insight into our patients' medical histories, current situations and future needs.

We believe that by reimagining what health care can be, we're better able to redefine what is achievable for the people we serve.

In other words, everything we are, everything we do, is to make possible, possible.

St Francis Memorial Hospital

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1905 when it was founded by five prominent San Francisco doctors. Today we are a fully accredited community-based hospital caring for the diverse population of San Francisco.

Located atop Nob Hill, Saint Francis is home to the largest burn center in Northern California, the Bothin Burn Center, the Center for Sports Medicine , the Saint Francis Orthopedic Institute , and the Phoebe Cowles Center for Comprehensive Pain Treatment , to name a few. With its close proximity to downtown San Francisco, we treat thousands of workers, international visitors and domestic tourists every year.


More than a century ago in San Francisco, a group of five physicians, doctors John Gallwey, Frank Ainsworth, Walter Coffey, M.O. Austin, and W.I Terry, took steps to build "the most up-to-date modern hospital west of Chicago." Today, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, located on San Francisco's Nob Hill, remains a thriving community hospital. Having weathered two world wars and major earthquakes, Saint Francis is well-equipped to continue its healing mission in San Francisco.

Dignity Health began as a single hospital founded on the belief that all people deserve medical care, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or circumstances.

The Sisters of Mercy, originally founded by Catherine McAuley in Dublin, Ireland in 1831, vowed to serve people who suffer from poverty, sickness, and lack of education. In 1854, eight Sisters arrived in San Francisco, California and immediately began caring for residents of a city struck by cholera, then typhoid and influenza. They founded St. Mary's Hospital, now the oldest continuously operating hospital in the city.

Eventually, one facility became many, expanding to serve a rapidly growing population while strengthening its commitment to keeping the human person at the forefront of modern medicine.

In 1986, two congregations of the Sisters of Mercy joined their ten hospitals together, forming Catholic Healthcare West. In 2012, we changed our name to Dignity Health to better describe what we stand for. Dignity is something everyone is born with. To us, "Dignity" means showing respect for all people by providing excellent care and helping them lead healthy, meaningful lives.

Today, Dignity Health is one of the largest health system in the nation with 400 care sites across a 22 state network, including 39 hospitals - 24 of which are Catholic and 15 are other-than-Catholic. The mission and values we were founded upon remain the same. Through teamwork and innovation, faith and compassion, advocacy and action, we endeavor every day to keep our patients happy, healthy, and whole. Hello humankindness .

California Pacific Medical Center

At California Pacific, we believe that having the right information can help you and your family make the right decisions about your health care. We invite you to explore the many learning resources listed below.

Get information about raising a healthy child – from newborns to teens. Our library covers developmental stages, common illnesses and first aid tips.

Within Sutter's Northern California network, you can find physicians and hospitals who perform transplants, offer the most advanced treatments for cancer, provide leading-edge surgical techniques and care for the most difficult pregnancies and deliveries.

We enable patients to recover or live with illness in the comfort or dignity of home, surrounded by the people and things they love. Whether someone has had surgery, had a new baby, is chronically ill, or has a terminal illness, our staff is there to provide comfort and care.

Sutter Health Home Health and Hospice services include:

  • Home Care

  • Hospice Care

  • Advanced Illness Management (AIM)

  • Home Infusion Therapy

  • Rehabilitation Therapy (Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy)

  • Respiratory Care and Home Medical Equipment

  • Home Attendant & Care Management

  • Flu Shot and Wellness Programs

  • Bereavement and Grief Support

  • Volunteers

  • Resources for Physicians and Medical Staff

  • Special Events and Education Programs

  • Online Resources for Health, Home Care and Hospice

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